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A garden is not an independent identity, with an autonomous existence in time and space. A garden is a unique dialectical interrelationship between human beings, nature and sociocultural tradition”

Tenryn-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan.

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to a specific place, whether it is a park bench, where you love to sit or a tree that you yearn to be near?

I believe subtle earth energies bring us to these places, where we feel comfortable and ‘at one’ with ourselves.

This has always fascinated me and after much discovery, I am now able to offer you an insight to how this happens

Simply, energy is all around us, often it repels (for me its shopping centres!) but also it draws us in and helps us find peace.

For thousands of years, Ancient Civilizations have used these subtle energies to create spiritual sites; from the Pyramids of Giza to Stonehenge to Machu Picchu, which all sit on very powerful energy centres. Here in England the altar at Westminster Abbey is well known to be on a strong axis of energy.

These energies, no matter how great or small, can be found in your garden or landscape and can be used to enhance a much better resonance within you.


I create spaces to meditate, dream & entertain in

Bringing nature into our lives naturally helps us relax and connects us to who we really are, away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

When we relax the body calms, the adrenals take a rest and our heart settles to its gentle rhythm and healing can begin.

Garden Design & Landscaping

Along with the conventional, I use…

Geomancy, Earth Acupuncture & Sacred Geometry

…making my practise totally unique in the UK.

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“I love to create spaces which are abundant with plants and trees, to entice the birds and the bees and to bring life and soul into your garden.”

Zen Relaxation Garden, Brighton

Roedean Crescent, Brighton

The Old Rectory, Barcombe

The Bishops, Haslemere, Surrey


Divine Garden Design

To help create a Healing Garden I will use Geomancy and lots of other magic…!

What is a Healing Garden?

For me a Healing Garden is a soothing, contemplative, restorative space. It is also a joyous, uplifting space that will appeal to all the senses.

Scented flowers and shrubs are a must in Healing Gardens and I love to create movement whether that be with a water feature, light airy sculptures or gentle

The Process

Starts with a free initial consultation, this is when we have the opportunity to walk around your garden and discuss your aspirations. Naturally, I will pick up and convey some energies that are present to you.

After this, I will email you the cost to survey and design the garden.

Sacred Geometry

Along with Geomancy I will often use Sacred Geometry to help design a healing garden.

As long ago as the 6th Century, where a Persian ruler named Cyrus created his palace gardens for his own personal paradise, Sacred Geometry has been used in Garden Design.


Geomancy deals with subtle earth energies and their relationship with living a balanced, healthy and bountiful life.

When we nurture these energies that are always all around us, we can harmonize with nature and life and health will flourish.

Why Choose Us

We're the 1st in the UK to offer this unique service

I believe subtle earth energies bring us to these places, where we feel comfortable and ‘at one’ with ourselves.

This has always fascinated me and after much discovery, I am now able to offer you an insight to how this happens.

Free Consultation

Just give me a call or fill in my contact form for a free no obligation estimate to find out how I can create you a garden of tranquillity, life, soul and healing.

22 Years Experience

To help me create a garden that will resonate deeply with you, I will use Geomancy, Sacred Geometry, Earth Acupuncture, Dowsing.

Expert People

With smaller projects I can use my team, but on larger sites, I will be helped with trusted contractors. If you have your own contractor I am happy to project manage the build.


Welcome to the World of Healing Gardens & Landscapes

A unique approach to Garden Design.
My Blog will explain my interest in the metaphysical world, and how I incorporate it into designing gardens.

Client Love

Neil and Rodger, Hove

Owen came up with the perfect design for our south facing walled garden. He knew how to balance what are priorities were, with plants that would thrive and attracted abundant nature into the garden. Owen is professional, customer focused and friendly. We would highly recommend him.

Sam Fisher, Sussex

Owen blended Garden Design and the magical world of Geomancy to create a thoughtful, restful and beautiful garden.