Years of Experience

My first ever awakening to earth energies was a long time ago, when I was in my twenties, backpacking and exploring the world…”

It was on the North Shore of The Big Island, Hawaii, when after taking a walk with a friend we came across a native who asked us to follow him to a sacred burial site very close to Pipeline beach.

Overlooking the site he asked us what we could see. My response “Lots of old headstones with lighted candles next to them” my friend said “Candles? What are you talking about there’s just a few old lumps of stone”

The native chap smiled and looked me in the eyes and said “How can the candles you are seeing keep burning, despite the strong onshore breeze and your friend can’t see them?”

I was stumped and slightly shocked, but it was all very real. I tried to convince my friend of what I was seeing, but he could see none of it. Our new native friend turned to me once again and spoke to me for the last time and said ‘you have the gift’ and he gently walked away singing.

Something changed in me that day and it has taken many years of self doubt and procrastination to start to use the insights I have. I have had many other interesting happenings in my life since then, that have gently reminded me that there are definitely energies that can be harnessed.

Incorporating these insights and techniques into my Garden Designs was a big step to take, but now I feel it as a natural progression and I look forward to creating beautiful, holistic, healing gardens for many years to come.


“You have the gift”

My interest in Garden Design started 22 years ago and since then I have developed small gardens to large Estates, which has been an absolute joy and many of my clients are now friends.

Throughout my career working in nature, I became aware of the subtle forces/energies around me but my practical mind chose to ignore them.

However, after experiencing a period of intense trauma, I started to tap into these energies to help heal my body and mind. After much searching, spending time with wise Shamans, healers and Geomancers, I decided to use these skills to design and build healing gardens, using all this insightful knowledge to help you heal as well.

Garden Design & Landscaping

Along with the conventional, I use…

Geomancy, Earth Acupuncture & Sacred Geometry

…making my practise totally unique in the UK.

Why Choose Us

We're the 1st in the UK to offer this unique service

I believe subtle earth energies bring us to these places, where we feel comfortable and ‘at one’ with ourselves.

This has always fascinated me and after much discovery, I am now able to offer you an insight to how this happens.

Free Consultation

Just give me a call or fill in my contact form for a free no obligation estimate to find out how I can create you a garden of tranquillity, life, soul and healing.

22 Years Experience

To help me create a garden that will resonate deeply with you, I will use Geomancy, Sacred Geometry, Earth Acupuncture, Dowsing.

Expert People

With smaller projects I can use my team, but on larger sites, I will be helped with trusted contractors. If you have your own contractor I am happy to project manage the build.

I look forward to helping you plant your garden…!