Divine Garden Design

To help create a Healing Garden I will use Geomancy and lots of other magic…!

What is a Healing Garden?

For me a Healing Garden is a soothing, contemplative, restorative space. It is also a joyous, uplifting space that will appeal to all the senses.

Scented flowers and shrubs are a must in Healing Gardens and I love to create movement whether that be with a water feature, light airy sculptures or gentle grasses that dance on the breeze.

Gardens that can be smelled and touched are the most soothing, along with sheltered alcoves to sit, ponder and relax.

I will often use lots of herbs, not only for the aromas and medicinal benefits, but also for their spiritual properties, which often go beyond the scope of our untrained minds.

In public spaces a Healing Garden is also a place to sit and chat in the beauty of nature in all its glory.

Sacred Geometry

Along with Geomancy I will often use Sacred Geometry to help design a healing garden.

As long ago as the 6th Century, where a Persian ruler named Cyrus created his palace gardens for his own personal paradise, Sacred Geometry has been used in Garden Design.

The word Paradise comes from the Persian word paradeiza, meaning enclosed garden.

Walls were built for protection, plants for beauty and food, but also water to bring coolness, light and sound. All these elements can be used in Healing Gardens today of any size.

Seeking refuge in a garden is so important and using geometric shapes can really help create areas to sit, relax and heal.


Geomancy deals with subtle earth energies and their relationship with living a balanced, healthy and bountiful life.

When we nurture these energies that are always all around us, we can harmonize with nature and life and health will flourish.

Geomancy means divining the earth and has a lot of similarities to Feng Shui which is more commonly known.

Using dowsing rods I will be able to find in your garden or land, destructive lines of earth energy and find suitable acu points to heal these which could be a standing stone, water feature, tree or crystals placed into earth acupuncture/chakra points.

The effect on the garden once this is done, will create abundance, positive energy and a healing life force.

The Process

I will work closely with you throughout the entire process of Consultation, Design and Construction.

Initial Consultation Meeting

Designing your garden starts with a free initial consultation, this is when we have the opportunity to walk around your garden and discuss your aspirations.

Naturally I will pick up some energies that are present, which I will convey to you.

After this consultation, I will email you the cost to survey and design the garden.

Design Brief

The Design Brief is one of the most important stages of the design process. It is where I get to know you more, I will provide a questionnaire asking you what styles, colours you like and, how you wish to use the garden and what inspires you in a garden.

Site Survey / Geomancy

This is where the fun starts!

I will survey the garden in the traditional methods, measuring, taking note of where the sun tracks and detailing boundaries and marking existing features.

Then I will start to connect with the garden.

I will start with energy clearing, first myself, then the garden. Using Geomancy, I will work out energy lines in the garden and work out any chakra energy centres.

My dowsing rods will find positive and also negative points in the garden which will all be plotted on the survey.

Sketch Plan

After the survey, I will draw a sketch plan which will show the general layout of your new Healing Garden and also key features that I am thinking of using.


The masterplan is a detailed drawing of the garden, showing all the features, planting areas, lawns and healing centres.

All my drawings are done by hand as it flows much better than computer rendering.
3D sketches can also be provided if needed.

Once the Masterplan is drawn, I can then provide a full cost for the garden build.

With smaller projects I can use my team, but on larger sites, I will be helped with trusted contractors. If you have your own contractor I am happy to project manage the build.

I am also available to take on projects from outside the UK, but cannot be on site the whole time for the build and local contractors would have to be found.

Construction & Planting

When I carry out the construction I will be connecting daily with the earth energies, as often when we are digging and moving soil around, the energies will be disturbed. I will use white sage to help with this and also I will light incense sticks to create a calming environment.

Prior to planting, I will treat the soil with biochar, compost, mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed to give the soil a boost.

On finishing the garden I will do a final clearing and will dowse to recheck all the energies are positive and then it’s time for you to enjoy your Healing Garden.

Dowsing? Sacred Geometry? Earth Acupuncture?

Let’s chat to see how I can ‘power up’ your garden