Roedean Crescent, Brighton

This Healing Garden had to offer a safe haven, visual interest and playfulness for the couples 16 yr old Autistic son. As he is affected by loud noises, I created as much as a sound barrier with planting as I

could and had areas to totally hide away from the world. The large curved arbor which I planted with rambling roses also had an in-built swing which was an instant hit with the son.
He also loves to play with the growing wires on the pergola which we ‘tuned’ to give different notes when he plucks them!

Energetically this garden had no ‘dark’ issues and was an absolute joy to work in.


Client Love

Neil and Rodger, Hove

Owen came up with the perfect design for our south facing walled garden. He knew how to balance what are priorities were, with plants that would thrive and attracted abundant nature into the garden. Owen is professional, customer focused and friendly. We would highly recommend him.

Sam Fisher, Sussex

Owen blended Garden Design and the magical world of Geomancy to create a thoughtful, restful and beautiful garden.

Dowsing? Sacred Geometry? Earth Acupuncture?

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