How to Dowse

What is dowsing?

Dowsing is a type of divination tool which attempts to locate underground water, buried gemstones, oil and many other objects.

Dowsing dates back  4000 years and was used across Africa, Egypt, Sudan and the Middle East. Many simple drawings etched into cave dwellings where a man using a forked stick can be seen in areas of Greece and Crete. So it’s got a long history!  Some of the world’s finest libraries have up to 3500 books on the subject so it obviously wasn’t taken lightly in the past.

As most things nowadays things have to be proven by science and on the whole scientists are not the most Spiritual of people and just work on theories to be credited or discredited.

The accuracy of a good dowser is still a sight to behold, I know two dowsers who can find water to an accuracy of 50 cm to a depth of 100m + and they are used by bore hole companies to locate underground water sources.

What to use?

The most common instrument to use is the L-Rod made of copper or brass which sits in the hand of the dowser.

Pendulums are also used; these can be as simple as a heavy nut threaded with string or a gemstone on a chain.

Thin Y-shaped branches are often used especially by more experienced dowsers and the more enlightened dowser often wont use any of these and can do it simply by blinking!!

How to dowse?

The first thing you must do is relax, center yourself and have a clear question in mind.

It is  good  to get a response from whatever you are using so ask  for a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ answer. For me when I dowse with L-Rods they turn ‘in’ for yes and ‘out’ for no and with a pendulum it will swing left to right for yes and clockwise for no, but this is different for everyone. 

When you are getting good feedback with Yes and No then you are off and running and you can ask all types of questions. Be mindful not to concentrate too much on whatever you are using, I just center my question in my heart then just observe the reaction.

Self belief is really important with dowsing and shrug off all skeptics.

Garden Design and dowsing

When designing gardens, dowsing  really helps me understand  the energy of a garden. I can dowse for Ley lines and ‘Sha’ streams that  can carry dark energies which I can clear with Earth Acupuncture. I like to focus on the good energies of a garden or ‘Shen’ Steams and these can be amplified in a garden by placing rocks, trees or water features in specific spots. When these ‘sweet spots’ are located the design of the garden is focused around these to create areas of stillness, calm, joy and reflection.  

I would love to hear from you if you are intrigued by my services. I operate my ’Divine’ Garden Design service mainly in Sussex but often travel to Surrey and Kent.

Happy dowsing! 

Client Love

Neil and Rodger, Hove

Owen came up with the perfect design for our south facing walled garden. He knew how to balance what are priorities were, with plants that would thrive and attracted abundant nature into the garden. Owen is professional, customer focused and friendly. We would highly recommend him.

Sam Fisher, Sussex

Owen blended Garden Design and the magical world of Geomancy to create a thoughtful, restful and beautiful garden.

For Garden Design with a touch of magic…