How to Design a Garden Pond

Water is Life!

Things to consider when designing a garden pond

The most important thing to consider when siting a pond is, how much sun will it get?

A pond which is to hold fish and plenty of plant life will need about 5-6hrs a day of sun. A wildlife pond which is more boggy can be sited in the shade as long as there are plenty of rocks or branches for amphibians to hide in.

It is also important for a pond not to be under any large trees as rotting leaves will upset the balance of the water and make it green and slimy. A pond can be as shallow as 40-60cm  and host a variety of wildlife, but it will need topping up with water in summer as it will evaporate quickly in the drier months. Therefore I recommend having a deeper section 1m+ where fish can hide from predators and be warmer in the winter months.

What should I edge my pond with?

Ponds can be edged with many different materials, rock, paving, grass, wood, but the most important thing to remember is to have places where amphibians can crawl out of. They will find it really hard to get out of sheer vertical walls so be mindful of this.

Personally I like to use rock which looks more natural and allows aquatic planting to grow in between them.

What to plant in a pond?

First of all I would add oxygenators which will help aerate the water and aid the water from going green. Ceratophyllum Demersum (Hornwort) is the best year round oxygenator, Ranunculus aquatilis and Myriophyllum spicatum will also help clear the pond

Water lilies for me are a must, they can get quite large so do choose accordingly for the size of your pond have a great selection

Other plants  which will help naturalise the pond and add colour are, Marsh Marigold, Water-forget-me not, Soft rush and Watermint.

Benefits of having a garden pond

Not only will a pond add life to your garden it will add sound, reflection and movement. I often use them in Healing Gardens to bring tranquillity and peace to a garden.

Children are fascinated with pond life and it’s so nice to see them pond dipping catching frogs connecting them with nature.

Ponds are in decline in the UK, so if you are designing a garden I would definitely think about adding some water element, they make such good focal points to be viewed from the house or garden.


Client Love

Neil and Rodger, Hove

Owen came up with the perfect design for our south facing walled garden. He knew how to balance what are priorities were, with plants that would thrive and attracted abundant nature into the garden. Owen is professional, customer focused and friendly. We would highly recommend him.

Sam Fisher, Sussex

Owen blended Garden Design and the magical world of Geomancy to create a thoughtful, restful and beautiful garden.

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